What is ShearShare?

ShearShare is the only beauty platform that connects salon, spa, and barbershop owners to individual cosmetologists and barbers to fill unused suites and booths on demand. With ShearShare, you can rent salon space whenever, wherever!

As a ShearShare host, how do I receive notification that I have a booking request?

Once a booking request for your salon, spa, or barbershop has been made, the ShearShare app will send an automatic push notification to the mobile number you provided when signing up. When you receive notification, log into the ShearShare app, go to your account, click “Requests” to review, and then approve/reject.

How soon can my temporary salon or barbershop space be listed on the ShearShare app?

Once you’ve filled out the “Become a Host” form, our intake team will move into action and start building your listing on the ShearShare app. Within 48-72 hours, you will receive an introductory email from our Operations team to gather a few additional notes. Within 48 hours of your response, you will be notified that your listing is ready for your review. As soon as you approve your listing, you are officially live and can begin to advertise to your audiences!

As a ShearShare host, what is the additional cost for the visiting cosmetologist to use our backbar or products?

That is up to you! Some of our salon hosts charge $10 USD for towel service or a percentage of booked services for access to the backbar. If you choose to charge an additional fee, those notes will be added to the listing description.


How are hosts notified of a booking request?

The mobile number you provide when registering will receive a push notification from the ShearShare app each time you receive a booking request. Open the alert, review the request, and click “approve” or “reject.” It’s that simple!



Is there a sign-in for multiple admins for a single host? Can we sign in using an email instead of a phone number?

No. At this time, only one mobile number can be associated to an account.

The ShearShare app is mobile-first. As a result, only mobile numbers can be used to log in.


Do ShearShare users only work during a host’s normal business hours?

About 99% of stylists work during normal business hours of the salon/barbershop/spa host. However, if you’d like to extend business hours for your visiting stylist or barber, we can specify that time within the salon rules section of your listing.


Does ShearShare provide advertising support for its hosts?

Yes. Once our ShearShare hosts approve their listing(s), our team will post a promotion on our company Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels. Here is an example.

What are my options for processing customer payments while on the go?

As a visiting cosmetologist or barber, you are responsible for handling the payments of your customers. Most visiting stylists use 1stPayMobile or Square (or an alternative) for processing clients’ debit or credit cards.

If you’re in need of a service to process mobile payments on the go, ShearShare has partnered with First American Payments to offer (1) FREE hardware/card reader and (2) the lowest processing fees in the industry! To learn more and to sign up, click here.

What are users saying about ShearShare?


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancel up to 48 hours before your ShearShare stay to receive a full refund, minus fees. If you book within 24 hours and cancel, no refund will be remitted.

ShearShare service fees are non-refundable. Applicable taxes will be retained.

ShearShare bookings are by the day. If the visiting stylist reserves multiple days and decides to leave early after arrival, the days not spent in the salon or barbershop are not refunded.

If there is a complaint from either the ShearShare host or visiting stylist, notice must be given to ShearShare within 4 hours of checkin. ShearShare will mediate when necessary and has the final say in all disputes.

A reservation is officially canceled with the visiting stylist completes two actions: (1) clicks the cancellation button on the confirmation page, which you can find in Reservations > Reservation Details > Cancel and (2) sends an email to hello@shearshare.com listing your name, date canceling, and ShearShare host name.

Cancellation policies may be superseded by extenuating circumstances or cancellations by ShearShare for any other reason permitted under the Terms of Use. Please review these exceptions.


Is there a referral program?

Yes! We’d love for you to help us get ShearShare into the hands of more people! To learn more, please visit this page to sign up. Thanks in advance!

I’d like to lease temporary salon or barbershop space today. Is that an option?

Yes and no. In order to help our hosts better prepare for visiting cosmetologists and visiting barbers, booking requests made via the ShearShare app require at least 24 hours notice.

However, in many cases we may be able to fulfill your same-day request. If you fall into this category, please call our offices at (562) 7-SHEARS. One of our enthusiastic team members will be happy to assist!

Are background checks performed on ShearShare users?

No, background checks–either for the visiting cosmetologist/barber or the host–are at the sole discretion of the user.

ShearShare is a matching service, must like monster.com or match.com, where we only allow licensed beauty professionals to use the ShearShare platform. Once a booking request has been made, ShearShare connects the stylist to the host to discuss specifics. At that time, each individual is free to go through any additional vetting and/or background checks.

Any other questions not covered here?
Who can lease ShearShare space?

Any licensed practitioner with a current cosmetology or barber license can lease ShearShare space. Your license number and state are required when you sign up. If you are a licensed barber, hair stylist, esthetician, nail tech, massage therapist, or makeup artist, you can lease temporary salon, spa, and barbershop space through ShearShare!

I have a cosmetology or barber license, but it has expired. Am I still able to lease ShearShare space?

No. In order to lease ShearShare space, you have to have a current license.

How do I access the ShearShare platform?

The ShearShare mobile app is currently available as a free download on the Google Play Store or on the Apple iTunes Store. Just search for “ShearShare.” Download it now because it won’t always be free!


I’m an esthetician or massage therapist. How can I lease ShearShare space?

We have temporary salon and spa space for you! If you are a licensed esthetician or massage therapist and would like to lease temporary space, please fill out this form.

Who can list ShearShare space?

Any licensed salon owner or barbershop owner can list their available space on ShearShare.

How do I book with ShearShare?

It’s easy:

  1. Go to either Google Play Store (Android) or iTunes (iOS) and download the ShearShare app
  2. Open the app and type in the city where you want to work
  3. Hit “filter” and select your preferred pricing and amenities
  4. Choose a listing and hit “book”
  5. Enter your payment details and hit “done”
  6. Congrats! You’ve just booked temporary salon, spa, or barbershop space!

When am I charged for my ShearShare booking?

When you make a reservation using the ShearShare app, we request your credit card details. However, your credit card is not charged until your salon, spa, or barbershop host accepts your reservation (usually within 24-48 hours).

I made a ShearShare reservation but have not received confirmation. What do I do?

If you have made a ShearShare reservation and not received acceptance of your booking within 48 hours, please dial us at (562) 7SHEARS, and we’ll work to confirm your booking immediately.

How do I list my salon, spa, or barbershop on ShearShare?

The process is simple, but we want to make sure you are ready to open up your establishment to a global audience. To get started listing your salon, spa, or barbershop space on the ShearShare app, please fill out this form. Once submitted, a member of our intake team will contact you within 48-72 hours to complete your listing.

Who uses ShearShare?

Traveling stylists, traveling barbers, traveling makeup artists, new beauty school graduates looking to build their book of business, cosmetologists who live/work in the same city but need to access salon space near their clientele; salon, spa, and barbershop owners who have open stylist chairs, salon suites, or barber stations.

Is there a cost to either list or lease with ShearShare?


To help cover the costs of running ShearShare, we charge licensed cosmetologists and barbers a service fee every time a reservation is confirmed.The price you see is the price you pay. The amount of the service fee varies and is based on a percentage of the reservation subtotal (before fees and taxes). Service fees typically range between 7-15% but can be higher or lower depending on the reservation.

To help cover the costs of processing payments, we charge salon and barbershop owners a tiny 3% host service fee every time a reservation is completed. Consider it a sort of “shipping and handling” cost of salon/spa/barbershop sharing. The amount of this service fee is calculated from the reservation subtotal (before fees and taxes).

Should I expect to receive a tax form from ShearShare?

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires U.S. companies that process payments, including ShearShare, to report gross earnings for all U.S. users who earn over $20,000 and have 200+ transactions within the calendar year. If you exceed both IRS thresholds in a calendar year, we will issue you a Form 1099-K.

We encourage you to consult a tax professional for assistance reporting your income.