ShearShare Investor Debunks 5 Crypto Currency Myths

5 Tips From A Crypto Currency Guru – James Sowers 12/20/2017 09:06 pm ET Updated 2 days ago   “An ICO is often confused with fundraising. This is a total misconception! ICO is not just a mechanism for fundraising, but a way of distributing a token to as many as possible in the network, to the benefit […]

Beauty Professionals Look Ahead to a Great 2018

Originally printed by Jayne Morehouse  To end the year on an inspirational note, I asked some of my beauty friends what they’re looking forward to professionally and personally in 2018. What’s clear is that they’ve made BIG plans and they’re ready to go. Here are some of their answers: Beth Minardi, hair- colorist, educator and […]

Overcoming Burnout for Cosmetologists & Barbers

Originally printed by Jon Gonzales on Texas Stylist Building and growing a hairdressing career or owning a salon/spa can be daunting. Balancing your personal, professional and financial devel- opment can cause a series of peaks and balances which can easily lead to feeling a major burnout. In trying to seek a better life for ourselves […]