“The Man” Isn’t All Bad

by Ali Davidson, originally printed here Whether you curse him regularly or have merely been a witness to protests against his unjust doings, we’re all familiar with “The Man.” He’s a convenient villain and easy scapegoat, particularly since he’s actually no man in particular. The Man is a fictional character, a slang term we use to describe […]

California Frowns Upon Commission Wages

by Fred Jones, originally printed here I have spent countless hours on the phone in recent months speaking with California salon owners in a panic about recent changes in our state’s labor laws, specifically how it relates to their long-held practice of paying their employees via commission wages. Writers Note: For those of you applying your […]

Five Big Mistakes a Salon Owner Can Make

by Celeste Trapp, originally printed here Owning any business is not an easy job, certainly not a guarantee for profitability, or even staying in business. If you own a salon or even if you want to own a salon, take note of these five mistakes commonly made that could affect your profitability and success: 1) […]

Salon Owners Need to Let Go of Old Practices

by Neil Ducoff, originally printed here We’ve all heard the line, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” It’s a pretty simple concept. Team and teamwork is about we. In stark contrast, “I” is singular. It’s about one’s self. The desire for personal success is empowering and captivating. It’s about the drive to achieve one’s full potential in career […]

ShearShare Angel Investor Calls Founders “Relentless”

EPISODE 36- THE REAL TRUTH OF ICO INVESTING! https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/cryptoknights/episodes/2018-03-03T10_05_07-08_00 “The key to redefining a category is to see possibly where others don’t.” In this episode, James Sowers, a Korean-American businessman and philanthropist and angel investor in ShearShare, shares his opinion of the startup founders. James calls them “relentless.” Listen starting at minute 14:00. He is […]

McKinney startup is selected to pitch at Google Demo Day 2018

by JACQUELYN ELIAS MARCH 2, 2018 Originally published at http://launchdfw.com/2018/03/02/mckinney-startup-selected-pitch-google-demo-day-2018/ ————————— McKinney-based ShearShare has secured a coveted spot (along with 11 other startups) to pitch at the sixth annual Google Demo Day on March 28. Google for Entrepreneurs is sponsoring this event at their San Francisco office, inviting startups from North and South America to pitch for a group […]

Black History’s Hidden Figures That Inspired Today’s Innovators

by BRITTNEY OLIVER Originally published at https://www.fastcompany.com/40535458/how-todays-black-entrepreneurs-were-inspired-by-historys-hidden-figures Five groundbreaking black innovators you should know, and the modern entrepreneurs they inspired Annie Easley</b [Photo: NASA] BY BRITTNEY OLIVER7 MINUTE READ Many of the products we consume today were made possible by the innovations, leadership, and inventions of black entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists. Their groundbreaking work has made an impression on […]