Working in the beauty industry produces a full life and an even fuller schedule. Here are some favorite apps used to ease the stress and create balance, recommended by some one the best in the industry. Many are fabulous Authorized ShearShare Hosts and Stylists/Barbers!!

Question: What is 1 productivity app you cannot live without?

Ray Torregano III “The productivity app that holds it all together for me and my business is GOOGLE Calendar. If you don’t tell TIME where to go , we will wonder where it went. Goggle’s stack of app all work seamless together for getting things done. I’m a die hard Apple guy on my phone … But GOOGLE runs my life. Lol” What Google Calender does: Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service














Chioma “Winly” What Winly does:  Winly is an app which allows entrepreneurs and business people to manage their strategies, keep track of their performances and communicate their findings to their dedicated team.













Kristina Medina “I use my notes app often! Any ideas I come up with I write them down ASAP, or content that I’m inspired by from other successful people!” What the Note app (iPhone) does: With Notes, you can scan and sign documents, create checklists, add attachments, insert photos or videos, and sketch.



Season Bennett
“I can’t live without my iPhone calendar.  I have so many businesses, partnerships—not to mention family life!  I love that I can see my whole life in one place. If I don’t put an event on my iPhone calendar, it doesn’t get done. On my iPhone calendar, I have multiple schedules. But I can see them all in one place.”
What Calendar (iPhone) does: iCalendar gives you the ability to have your calendars in your pocket, at your wrist, and on your desktop. When you add
an appointment, delete an event, or update your meeting, iCloud makes the changes everywhere.












“I’m starting to find interest in LinkedIn.”
What LinkedIn does: LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.

Well there you have it guys! Wonderful apps that make it possible to keep a busy entrepreneur’s schedule targeted and managed. Join us at ShearShare and let us not only alleviate stress but generate income for you using your empty chairs/suites. This is the first app of it’s kind by making it possible for licensed beauty professionals to rent salon space by the day!

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