Tips on Growing Your Salon in 2019

Read original post HERE Real entrepreneurs are open minded professionals who strive for new ideas, concepts in finding solutions. As many of you are aware, the costs of owning your own business will continue to escalate, especially after the new proposed tax increases, new labor laws, minimum wage and overtime mandates, and more. These and […]

Ohio Governor Kasich Signs Occupational Licensing Reform Bill, Increasing Market Competition

Read original article HERE Written by: Andrew Shirley   Governor John Kasich signed Senate Bill 255 (SB 255) Friday, reforming Ohio’s occupational licensing laws, some of which are considered to be the most economically crippling in the country. The law will require Ohio’s state legislature to examine every occupational licensing board in the state, assess their […]

5 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

It wasn’t so long ago that some pundits deemed social media little more than a millennial fad—one with only a modest potential for return, if any; thus, unworthy of any real marketing investment. Currently, however, there are 1.8 billion users of social networks, according to Statista; and at least 74% of online adults use social networks, Pew […]

The Increasing Value of Old-School Barbershops in Today’s Community

Barbershops have always been that community-driven and small business staple that has brought men together for decades. It was said that if you want to know anything–from current events to politics to sports–the barbershop is the place to get information of all sorts. The reason? Because men and women from all walks of life come […]

What’s Your Mission in the Beauty Industry?

Read original article HERE Written by: Jaime Schrabeck What’s your mission in the beauty industry? To improve the lives of others, to express your creativity, to support your family? All three? None of the above? Regardless of motivations and goals, we define ourselves by our profession: salon owner, stylist, nail artist, esthetician, etc. Yet, we simultaneously […]

Taking the Sting Out of Turnover

Read original article HERE Turnover in the hair salon industry is not news. It happens and will continue to be a concern to all salon owners. What is of importance is how you deal with owning and managing a successful salon knowing stylists that you have trained, promoted and encouraged, will leave. “Knowing that stylists […]

ShearShare Interview with Upside Podcast

Listen to original podcast HERE   Dr. Tye Caldwell is the Co-founder and CEO of ShearShare. Tye holds a Doctorate of Professional Barbering and is a #1 best-selling author on how to achieve long-term success in the beauty and style industry. He is a recognized beauty expert with more than 20 years of experience in […]