Not A Fan Of Doing Taxes? We’ll Do Them For You!

As part of our cofounders’ vision, we at ShearShare are making sure that beauty and barbering professionals have the tools they need in order to maximize their earning potential. This includes not overpaying your taxes. Not only can you use the ShearShare app to rent salon and barbershop space almost anywhere for any price, but we’re pleased to announce a brand-new financial tool to help make your life easier.

With the new finances module available on your ShearShare app, freelance cosmetologists and barbers now get:

  • Automatic paycheck detection and tax calculations!
  • A free tax savings account!
  • Tax withholding in an FDIC account via your mobile device!
  • Quarterly payment reminders and submission!
  • Secure tax records that you can take with you wherever, whenever!
  • An exclusive discount for comprehensive liability insurance that follows you wherever you practice! 

ShearShare has partnered with our friends at Track to automatically set aside taxes from your beauty and barbering income so that you can focus on work that you love. Because you’re here to be creative and make people beautiful . . . not to worry about 1099 taxes, right?

We’ll automatically set aside enough of your earnings so you don’t spend what you owe. You can always transfer any of your money back at anytime for any reason. Otherwise, it’s in a safe place when you’re ready to pay the IRS. The best part? Everything is done via your mobile device!

To access the new finances module on the ShearShare app, simply download the ShearShare app for either iOS or Android, or update the app on your mobile device.

Questions? Email us at 😉