In My Chair With Courtney

On this episode, we chat with COO of ShearShare and wife of Dr. Tye Caldwell, Mrs. Courtney Caldwell.

Proposed House Bill Could Jeopardize Missouri Cosmetologists

Take Action Against House Bill 789

The Professional Beauty Association is asking for help to protect Missouri licensed beauty professionals from being negatively impacted by House Bill 789 introduced by State Representative Derek Grier. This bill, if passed will allow a person, without training for technique or health and safety guidelines, to offer some cosmetology and esthetician services.  The services that […]

Organization Tips To Help Your Salon or Barbershop Run Smoother

Salon Organization Tips

Running a salon or barbershop can be tricky, but having a organizational plan for your business is essential to success. Here are some organization and storage ideas for your salon, spa or barbershop. Using any of these tips will allow you to focus more time on growing your business and less time on clutter!

Is Your Salon Spreading COVID?

Salon's Do Not Spread COVID

A Recent PBA Survey Says No! A recent survey of 2,532 salons, representing 19,392 licensed beauty professionals were asked to participate in a survey to address their safety protocols in place for the over 2 million clients served since reopening. Strict Cleaning Guidelines Have Increased Beauty professionals have always maintained cleanliness to prevent the spread […]

Mogul Millennial Webinar

Dr, Tye & Courtney Caldwell recently sat down with Mogul Millennial to talk about perfecting your startup pitch and raise startup capital.

In My Chair With Dr. Tye

In this episode of In My Chair, Angel sits with ShearShare co-founder and CEO, Dr. Tye Caldwell. Dr. Tye speaks on humble beginnings, his marriage to wife, and co-founder, Courtney Caldwell, and his plans for the future of ShearShare and our community of industry professionals.

Difference between Cosmetology and Esthiology

Cosmetology vs Esthiology

Cosmetology and Esthiology are two branches of the beauty industry that focus on completely different aspects. Although, many times, you can work in the same places, such as beauty salons, spas…

In My Chair with Calvin

In this episode , we chat with Calvin Caldwell. he speaks on going against the grain by. moving to Dallas at 15 to start his career as a barber, following in his brothers footsteps. and making sure professionalism comes first.

COVID Relief for Small Businesses Round 2

PPP Loans

New PPP Loans Included In New Stimulus Pacakge Update: Today, January 11, 2021 marks the first day that small businesses can apply for the second Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans.  This new stimulus package, called he Economic Aid Act, provides and additional $284 billion for small businesses. Here is a list of guidelines you should […]

In My Chair with Teresa

In this episode, host Angel sits down with ShearShare host Teresa Ornellas, owner of Paradox Parlor in Manteca, California. Check out the video to find out how Teresa started in the industry, her success, and how she uses ShearShare.