Work on something Amazing!

ShearShare is proud to be voted as one of the best places to work outside of Silicon Valley

The World Saw an Empty Salon Chair. We Saw an Opportunity.

At ShearShare, we believe in leaving people, places, and things better off than when we found them. And that’s what we intend to do as pioneers in on-demand salon and barbershop space rental. As a veteran barber-stylist and former salon owners of 27+ years, our cofounders Courtney and Tye initially set out to solve a problem for themselves but ended up meeting a very real need for fellow stylists and salon owners everywhere. #AccessOverOwnership

Amazing Team. Amazing Tech. Amazing Design.

We are building B2B technology that does more than match stylists to empty salon space on demand and help barbershops operate at full capacity.  ShearShare products are designed to empower beauty and barbering professionals around the world to maximize their earnings potential and build businesses on their terms.  #CommunityOverCompetition

ShearShare Core Values


We listen first. To our community, to market shifts, to industry trends. And then we act to build a supportive ecosystem that provides value to and is a win-win for all beauty and barbering professionals.


We are dedicated to providing tools that are intuitive to use and meet our users where they are.


We are obsessed with our community of fellow stylists, barbers, and salon and barbershop owners and feel that it’s a privilege everyday to serve the best industry in the world.

We’re now looking for the most talented, spirited people to join us as we meet the growing needs of an evergreen community and revolutionize the beauty industry for years to come!

Available Openings

Business Development Associate

Community Manager

Customer Service Advocate

Data Scientist

Digital Marketing Specialist

Director of Growth Marketing

Full-Stack Engineer

Product Manager

QA Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

Strategic Partnerships Manager