Black History’s Hidden Figures That Inspired Today’s Innovators

by BRITTNEY OLIVER Originally published at Five groundbreaking black innovators you should know, and the modern entrepreneurs they inspired Annie Easley</b [Photo: NASA] BY BRITTNEY OLIVER7 MINUTE READ Many of the products we consume today were made possible by the innovations, leadership, and inventions of black entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists. Their groundbreaking work has made an impression on […]

3 Bad Habits CEOs Picked Up In 2017 And How They Plan To Break Them

Six CEOs share the least productive behaviors and blind spots they acquired over the past 12 months. On the agenda for 2018? Self-care and unplugging. BY PAVITHRA MOHAN 3 MINUTE READ If last year felt like a never-ending avalanche of shocking headlines, push notifications, and crises to react to–plus a big heaping spoonful of mindless distractions dumped on top of […]