• What if I have a question about my policy or coverage?

    Not a problem. Call (510) 255-2799 between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm MST, or email hello@heyalpaca.com.

  • Is this coverage financially rated?

    Lloyd’s of London is one of the world’s most reputable names in insurance and is regarded as a very financially strong company. And through our first-of-its-kind partnership, the host coverage is 100% free for ShearShare hosts!

  • How does the host’s commercial liability insurance work with the ShearShare Protection Program?

    Another great question! We cannot give you legal advice and strongly recommend that you discuss your options with your existing insurance agent. If you have questions about how this policy interacts with any existing commercial liability insurance, you should discuss your coverage with your insurance provider. Some policies protect hosts from certain lawsuits that result from injury to a guest, while others do not. It’s always a good idea to let your insurance carrier know about rental activity in your space even though liability arising during a ShearShare stay should be covered by the ShearShare Protection Program policy.

  • What do I do if there is a liability claim?

    Simple! Call (510) 255-2799 or email claims@heyalpaca.com to report the event as soon as you can. We will guide you through the rest of the short process there. You may help speed up the process by providing pictures, videos, and/or receipts.

  • Is my information kept confidential?

    We highly value and respect your privacy (see our Privacy Policy). We will not share or sell your information for marketing purposes. NOTE: we will share certain information with our partners and providers in order to run our service and/or to resolve an incident.  

  • Can I sign up for liability insurance by phone?

    ShearShare-provided liability insurance policies are available for signup only through the mobile platform.

  • Any specific cosmetology or barbering services not covered?

    A policy purchased on the ShearShare platform does not cover invasive services or any services that use lasers. The policy will not provide coverage for charges of sexual harassment. 

  • As a stylist, can I add the ShearShare host as an interested party?

    Sure! But we’re already a step ahead of you. Once you’re approved for the your ShearShare booking, we’ll automatically update your policy with the host’s information. Don’t worry . . . . it’s at no additional cost to you! 

  • Does my day policy cover my assistant?

    Great question! Insurance purchased on the ShearShare platform provides coverage for the individual making the ShearShare booking and may not be extended to your assistant. If your assistant would like insurance coverage for the day, he/she has to create a separate booking on the ShearShare app.

  • Where can I find proof of coverage?

    Just check your email! You can also find confirmation of coverage on your confirmed reservation(s) within the ShearShare app. Please note that your confirmation of coverage is evidence that you have liability insurance. Therefore, we suggest that you keep your digital certificate in a secure location.

  • As a stylist, can I cancel my policy and receive a refund?

    When you purchase your by-the-day liability insurance on the ShearShare platform (woohoo!), a certificate is instantly created and emailed to you and the host, so the policy is non-refundable.

  • As a host, how do I make sure I’m covered when a stylist books my listing?

    We’ve made it easy! Every booking on ShearShare is covered by $1,000,000 in liability protection– at no cost to our hosts! In addition, when stylists purchase professional liability insurance by the day when booking your listing on the ShearShare platform, hosts automatically receive a copy of the digital certificate. Just check your email or navigate to your confirmed reservation(s) within the ShearShare app.

  • Is there a fee for changing my reservation date?

    Great question! We understand that calendars shift and that you may need to change the date of your ShearShare stay. The first date change is complimentary. Because we are sensitive to the host's schedule (some of whom clear their entire schedules when hosting), each date change thereafter will be $5 apiece. Thank you for understanding.

  • If I purchased professional liability insurance from the ShearShare-approved provider, is there any change to my coverage in light of COVID-19?

    The coverage recommended by our team, like others, does exclude transmission of communicable diseases. However, due to the nature of a pandemic, it is difficult to trace transmission from one person to another. Any liability would require proof.

    Call 800.326.5566 for details.

  • Can ShearShare design my Ad Creatives for me?

    Yes! Our in-house team can design your in-app creatives. We can also create custom video, blog, and email content on your behalf.

    Of course, our ad specs are always available to our partners if you choose to design the creatives internally.

  • How fast will it take me to launch a campaign?

    As part of our onboarding process, we will provide an onboarding document where creatives and specific copy/messaging can be provided. Once we have this information, ads can be launched within 24-48 hours.

  • What types of advertisements can I run?

    Stylists and owners can view your ads as banners, inline ads, or static promos in the app. We can also send email blasts and text notifications to our user base, write blog posts, or even make videos on our YouTube channel. You decide the medium and the scope of your campaign.

  • What cities are you available in?

    ShearShare ads are currently being served in 600+ cities including New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Houston. View a sample list here: ShearShare Markets.

  • How much does it cost?

    Pricing varies based on the markets in which your ads are displayed, as well as the mediums you choose to leverage. Feel free to reach out to jenny@shearshare.comfor a detailed proposal.

  • How do I track performance?

    Advertisers have access to ShearShare Ads reports that provide performance data on everything from impressions and CTR to conversion tracking. 

  • How do I get started?

    Just send us a message to jenny@shearshare.comwith ShearShare Ads as the subject line. Or feel free to contact us via our Advertisers page.

  • How does it work?

    Work with the ShearShare ads team to communicate your brand to our community of professionals. As a turnkey solution, we launch the ads on your behalf and continually optimize and report on performance. Advertisers can access regular reports as well.

  • What is ShearShare Ads?

    Advertise with us! Hyper focus your marketing reach with ShearShare. Leverage our exclusive network of independent stylists and salon and barbershop owners. No other platform has the focus and reach that we do. Our stylists span across 570+ cities and growing!

  • How do I receive payments from ShearShare?

    ShearShare hosts are paid electronically through PayPal. You can open a PayPal account here.

  • Are background checks performed on ShearShare users?

    No. Background checks–either for the visiting cosmetologist/barber or the Host–are at the sole discretion of the user.

    ShearShare is a matching service, must like monster.com or match.com, where we only allow licensed beauty professionals to use the ShearShare platform. Once a booking request has been made, ShearShare connects the stylist to the Host to discuss specifics. At that time, each individual is free to go through any additional vetting and/or background checks.

  • Should I expect to receive a tax form from ShearShare?

    The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires U.S. companies that process payments, including ShearShare, to report gross earnings for all U.S. users who earn over $20,000 and have 200+ transactions within the calendar year. If you exceed both IRS thresholds in a calendar year, we will issue you a Form 1099-K.

    We encourage you to consult a tax professional for assistance reporting your income.

  • Is there a way to have multiple admins for a single Host?

    No. At this time, only one mobile number can be associated with a single Host account.

  • What information can I review about the stylist or barber before accepting their reservation?

    When you receive a booking request, you’ll be able to review the stylist’s photo, ShearShare rating, licensed specialty, years of experience, and a personal introduction.

  • As a ShearShare Host, how do I receive notification that I have a booking request?

    Make sure that you have downloaded the ShearShare iOS app or Android app, signed in, and that push notifications are enabled for ShearShare. Booking notifications go straight to your phone.

    Once a booking request for your listing has been made, the ShearShare app will send a push notification to your mobile device. When you receive the notification, open the ShearShare app, go to “Requests” to review the booking request for daily booth rental, and then tap either accept or reject.

  • How soon can my salon suite or barbershop station for rent be listed on the ShearShare app?

    **Please note: We are currently experiencing an increase in new host applications, so timing may vary**

    Once you’ve filled out the Host application and uploaded your photos, our intake team will begin the review and approval process. You may receive an email from our Operations team to gather additional details. Within 3 business days of your response, you will be notified that your listing is ready for review. IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Please be sure to download the ShearShare app and sign in. Your mobile number has to be registered in our system in order for us to create your listing.

  • Does ShearShare provide advertising support for its Hosts?

    Yes. Once our ShearShare Hosts approve their listing(s), our team will post a promotion on our company Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels. Here is an example.

  • How do I choose a daily rate for my space?

    You can view available salons and barbershops in your city via our iOS app or Android app to get a sense for daily rates in your area. If you have additional questions, our pricing team will work with you during the onboarding process.

  • As a Host, do I need to provide access to the backbar and towel service?

    Yes, most of our salons and barbershops provide these services and price their daily rates accordingly. You can provide specific details about your services when you create the Listing Details for your space.

  • Do ShearShare stylists only work during a Host’s normal business hours?

    About 99% of stylists work during the Host’s normal business hours. However, if you’d like to extend business hours for your visiting stylist or barber, we can specify that time within the salon rules section of your listing.

  • Is there a cost to list my empty stations or suites with ShearShare?

    Look, we're salon and barbershop owners just like you. And we understand the unique day-to-day challenges of our industry. So no, there is no cost to list your empty barber stations or salon suites on the ShearShare platform.

    For every booking accepted, Hosts are charged a 5% service fee plus a 3% credit card transaction fee (all fees are included in your daily rate shown). As a Host, you keep 80% of the daily rate every time you accept a booking request. We don't get paid until you get paid!

  • How do I list my salon studio, spa suites, or barbershop stations on ShearShare?

    The process is simple. To get started listing your salon studio, spa suites, or barbershop stations on the ShearShare app, please fill out this form. Once submitted, a member of our intake team will contact you to complete your listing.

    **Note: We are experiencing a record number of inquires and working hard to handle each one with attention and care. Please be patient with us, as the process to become an authorized ShearShare host may be longer than expected.

  • Who can list space on the ShearShare platform?

    Any salon, barbershop, or spa owner with a registered business license can list their available space on ShearShare.

  • Why do salon and barbershop owners like ShearShare?

    “I usually have at least one empty chair, so it’s nice to be able to fill the space with a vetted stylist that I don't have to spend hours interviewing.”

    “ShearShare is now part of my sales pitch for new stylists when I lease my salon suites. Instead of turning them away because they can’t afford weekly booth rent, I tell them to book me on ShearShare.”

    “Signed up and in 48 hours had my first booking! Then a repeat in less than a month. Love this.”

    “ShearShare stylists are professional and have their own clientele. We don’t have to worry about new hire training. It’s really easy and convenient for us to host them.”

    “Using the app as a host is so rewarding! It’s easy to navigate, a great networking tool and a great way to earn extra revenue if/when I have empty chairs.”

    “It’s costly to run a salon, and this is a really nice way to lower my overhead.”

    “These days it’s difficult to get a stylist to sign a long-term contract. We’re using ShearShare to provide more flexibility, and it also helps us operate at full capacity.”

    “We care a lot about our shop culture, and we want to bring in barbers with the right energy. ShearShare is a great way to have them come in on a trial basis, to see how they work with the rest of our barbershop team.”

    “I’m always interested in new technology, and love trying out new platforms that can help to make our business successful.”

    “I sometimes rent out my entire salon for events, or when a celebrity wants privacy. ShearShare has been good for bringing us new opportunities to expand our network.”

  • I am a California salon or barbershop owner. How does the new Dynamex ruling affect me?

    One of the biggest questions we’ve received over the last few weeks is, “I’m a California salon owner. Can I still use ShearShare?”

    The answer? YES.

    Click here for a breakdown.

  • What happens if I really like the visiting stylist and want to hire them?

    That’s great! Remember that our mission at ShearShare is to help beauty and barbering professionals maximize their earnings potential while keeping businesses open!  It really is a great outcome if both parties are thrilled that they found each other on ShearShare and want to make it long-term. We only ask that you let us know when you are offering a booth rent contract to the visiting stylist. Just email us at hello@shearshare.com 😉